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#Kassel Ecosystem#Participatory Practices
On the occasion of KW 35 – Kassel Week of Museums from September 2 to 5, 2021, ruruHaus opens its doors and becomes a platform for local initiatives, collectives and individuals. In various formats, including lectures, talks, music and radio broadcasts, the venue will be activated. During the four days, everybody is warmly invited to participate and jointly fill the “living room” of documenta fifteen with life. The former department store offers space for exchange and encounters and is an experimental field for collaborations.
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"Culture in motion" is an open, socio-cultural event concept that not only offers a platform for associations, institutions and initiatives from the socio-cultural sector. for associations, institutions and initiatives from the socio-cultural field, but also builds bridges between their concepts and offers and the population. "Culture in motion" takes place in public space. Art, culture and social issues are the key elements for uncovering the diverse cultural sites in the city of Kassel, for playing them and for making them visible in the long term. KolorCubes e.V. and the creative brewery Steckenpferd are responsible for the concept and its implementation.
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#Inclusivity#Participatory Practices
From July 2–11, 2021, ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics organized FUSSBALLABALLA, a programme around the European Football Championship 2020, as part of documenta fifteen. FUSSBALLABALLA is a non-commercial critical public viewing format of ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics for the neighborhood that has been running during European and World Cup tournaments since 2014. During the event, football matches are screened in unusual settings and accompanied by a discursive program before, during and after the matches. This edition of FUSSBALLABALLA was implemented in collaboration with Kassel initiatives Dynamo Windrad e.V., Streetbolzer e.V and the ruruHaus. For the first time the Eurocup will be held decentrally spread over european and neighboring countries and cities. The gradual decomposition of the nation-state idea and the emergence of more complex, culturally rich and diverse social groupings is - deliberate or not - reflected during this mainstream event by its new decentral nature. Nevertheless, the tournament is stuck in its traditions and compositions, it confirms dated stereotypes and hardly looks at critical aspects connected to its activities. Fußballaballa will dive into the insufficiencies of ‘the state’ as a social container, and how horizontal communities, that have no or little representation, despite being strong groups with unique social norms and cultural values, deal with it. So apart from the fun of the game, Fußballaballa will screen films, host conversations and performances questioning the idea of how groups find their face and space within the dominant narratives of the football world. Jan van Esch & Matthias Einhoff
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online since:29. July 2021
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#Infrastructures#Kassel Ecosystem
It all started when a nice lady gave us the old illuminated letters of the Kaufhalle. Kaufhalle was the first store that was located in the house of the current ruruHaus. Then we searched at Ästhetische Werke, a vintage furniture store in Kassel, for other letters related to Kassel's history and used them to form the words ruruHaus as a new sign above our living room.
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#Infrastructures#Kassel Ecosystem
A first version of the website ruruHaus.de was launched on March 29. The website was an experiment in what a community laboratory and a shared living room can feel like in digital space, and will grow over time — just like ruruHaus itself. The open-ended process behind the website is led by kmmn_practice, a student collective that has been working in and with ruruHaus since 2020. The collective was also one of the winning teams of the student competition ruangrupa initiated for the development of documenta fifteen’s visual identity. With ruruHaus.de, kmmn_practice realizes their vision of a participatory platform. Its ideas are put into action by programmer Christoph Benderoth.
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#Artististic practice#Awareness
A 6-panel LED display currently located in the second floor windows of the ruruhaus.
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#Awareness#Collective Gardening
Visit ForstFeldGarten, the biggest community garden in Kassel. Every thuesday afternoon (13:00 - 19:00) we meet and take care about the land and keep on fostering this biotop throughout the seasons, focussing on the 2500 sqm sized Forest Garden area and on permaculture principles. The project also welcomes visitors who just want to get a taste of it, are interested in a tour of the garden or want to take part sporadically. The garden is located here > http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/docutopia-symbioticsynergysolution_113474#17/51.29654/9.53696 and is run by Essbare Stadt e.V. (Edible City) and neighbors from the area. https://essbare-stadt.de/
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#Artististic practice#Music
On the weekend of 07/16/2021 to 07/18/2021 we could finally open our new studio in the ruruhaus! Weeks of work are finally paying off, we are more than happy to finally welcome artists in our studio again and broadcast our program to the world. In the next weeks we will continue to expand our program. It's always worth taking a look at our website: www.radio-rasclat.com
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last updated:6. August 2021
#Artististic practice#Collective Gardening
The ruruHaus-community garden is somewhat hidden away on the parking deck behind the house. Vegetables, herbs, flowers and other plants grow in several raised beds and pots. After in spring 2021 several parties began to play with the idea of a garden, it is now tended to, watered and harvested by many individuals.
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#Artististic practice#Public Actions
One of the columns facing Königsstraße in front of ruruHaus functions as a visual archive, as communication with passers-by and as a public experimental space for kmmn_practice.